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Unlike many firms, Hill, Gosdeck, McGraw & Nemeth devote all our professional attention to legislative and regulatory activities.  As a result, when allowed because of COVID pandemic rules, the principals in the firms are “on the hill” almost constantly while the Legislature is in Session.  Such presence – with offices adjacent to the Capitol – is an essential ingredient to legislative success.  When in-person interaction is not allowed, we continue stay in touch with our contacts via various electronic means.  Additionally, we do not have outside business interests that detract from our attention to detail.  Similarly, all employees of the firm review all newly introduced bills and amendments on a daily basis to ensure our clients have the benefit of the most current information available.  We go beyond the superficial level of inquiry and get “the behind the scenes” information only available by knowing the inside pathways of the process.  It is not unusual for others working in conjunction with us to seek out our information – both for its reliability and for the timeliness with which we obtain it.


Our firm believes in the benefit and necessity for effective coalition building.  We are recognized for the leadership roles that we have played in the development of ad hoc groups that have a demonstrated history of success in recent Sessions.  For example, it was our efforts that led to coalitions that have minimized the likelihood of the enactment of unnecessarily draconian environmental regulations, have seen the ratification of sound, pro-business corporate governance laws and created a single unified voice on a variety of matters.


We appreciate both the art and the science of ethical political activity.  We have played key roles in a variety of political campaigns, in the development and growth of political action committees and the development of strategies for political contributions.  While these may not be the most enjoyable aspects of our profession, they are a key component of any successful legislative effort and we possess both the technical support and the hands on skills necessary to maximize the value of your political activities.  All our activity is well documented with the New York State Board of Elections as well as the New York Joint Commission on Public Ethics.